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IXXI Mural decoration system 120 X one hundred Cross Beach. Evening Effect

Other shapes for base 12, corresponding to an arcuate shape can also be used to provide partial coverage of the wreath base. Multiple decoration apparatuses 10 may be used together (finish to finish, side to aspect, or any combination thereof) on a single wreath base to offer extra coverage or full protection of the base. Additionally, base 12 may be sized and formed to offer full coverage of a wreath base (similar to a round, oval, square, rectangular, heart, or different formed ring, known as a “full ring”), if desired, however that is somewhat limiting because the ornamental apparatus 10 can be sized and formed to suit solely specific wreaths. Most wreaths come in commonplace styles and sizes, so a full ring base 12 could nonetheless be used with totally different wreath bases (a 12 inch spherical grapevine wreath and a 12 inch round straw wreath, for instance). However, it is most most well-liked for base 12 to have a partial form to permit larger flexibility with interchangeability of location and orientation of ornament equipment 10 on the wreath base and allow mixtures of ornament apparatuses 10 (with each having the identical decorative elements 26 or every having completely different, ideally coordinating, ornamental parts 26) to be used to attain totally different looks.

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If such a wreath is manufactured from grapevine or a wire type, then the wires 24 may be wrapped via the vines or wire kind to connect ornament apparatus 10 to the basket portion, however which may be tough for some users to manipulate. Accordingly, it is preferred to supply no less than two completely different mechanisms, corresponding to wires 24 and clips 16 described beneath, to selectively connect decoration equipment 10 to wreath base to facilitate ease of use and to provide completely different aesthetic choices. According to another most popular embodiment, the bottom comprises a plurality of clip slots and aligned clip pockets, each slot configured to obtain an arm of every clip being used. The arm of the clip obtained in the slot could also be permanently affixed within the slot, corresponding to by gluing, or it may stay free, permitting the clip to be removed when not in use. Having an arm of the clip in the clip slot so there’s a layer of base between the inner clip arm and the wreath materials provides a safer attachment of the ornament to the wreath substrate as compared having the clip arm glued to the underside or back facet of the bottom, which may fail after repeated use.

The magnet and suction cup are particularly helpful for attaching the ornament to a steel or glass door without requiring a wreath base, if desired. One or extra straight pins are significantly helpful for attaching the decoration to a foam or straw wreath base, if desired. According to another most popular embodiment, there are at least two areas on the base for insertion of a pin.

The ornament equipment based on declare 13 wherein each pin location is marked on the bottom or on the ornamental elements. The ornament apparatus based on claim 10 additional comprising a wire slot for each set of wires, every wire slot configured to permit insertion of unused wires to hide them from view throughout use of the apparatus. The ornament equipment in accordance with declare 6 wherein every clip is selectively positionable in any one of many clip slots as needed to realize a safe attachment to a portion of the wreath. The decoration apparatus in accordance with claim three additional comprising a clip slot for each clip, each clip slot disposed by way of the base and configured to receive an arm of the clip. Each clip pocket 239 or arcuate pocket 249 is preferably slightly longer than the size of the arm of the clip 216 that is to be inserted into the pocket.

Each pin location is in an unobstructed or minimally obstructed area of the base, the place there is no different base attachment mechanism that might obstruct insertion of a pin and where there is no glue or stitching, or a minimal quantity of glue or stiches, between the decorative components and the bottom and between base layers, to make insertion of the pin simpler. According to another most well-liked embodiment, the pin locations are marked on the base or an instructional diagram is supplied to point where pockets are situated.

Preferably, the varied items that make up ornamental elements 126 are still adhered to one another in the space over each wire slot 138 to provide structural integrity to the decoration apparatus. Wire slots 138 permit any wires, similar to 24a or 24b or each, that are not being used to secure ornament equipment 110 to a wreath base or different substrate to be tucked into wire slot 138. This allows the unused wires to be hidden from sight from the rear of the wreath or other substrate when is use. Since a portion of floor 114 may be visible from the rear side of the wreath or different substrate when in use, notably for a wreath held on a glass door or a basket substrate that is visible from a number of sides, it could be fascinating to cover unused wires 124 quite than merely folding them again against floor 114. Wire slots 138 enable unused wires 124 to be hidden between floor one hundred thirty and decorative elements 126, so they are not visible from the rear.

Most preferably, the decorative components are completely hooked up to the base and utterly cover the base. Most ideally, the decorative components additionally extend far past the perimeter of the bottom. At least two base attachment mechanisms are linked to or connectable to the bottom, permitting the bottom to be removably connected to a wreath. Most ideally, one of the base attachment mechanisms is a wire which may be wrapped around the wreath base and the opposite base attachment mechanism is a removable alligator-kind clip that could be used to know branches or vines on a grapevine wreath.

Additionally, decorations should be positioned all around the wreath to cover the holes in the wreath, which does not allow for flexibility in putting a decoration on just one facet of the wreath, if desired. U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2012/0052218 discloses a wreath base having at least one permanently connected (such as by glue) ornament and a coupling device (such as hook and loop tape) positioned in a predetermined location on the wreath base to which a removable ornament is attachable. The coupling gadget may be located on a riser protruding from a predetermined location on the face of the wreath.