Project accomplished efficiently for a chocolate topping and decoration system for a leading UK cake manufacturing firm in its south coast facility. Discussions taking place for an extra order to be placed, with HPS for installation later this yr.”

decoration systemAt least a portion of backside surface 134 is ideally completely hooked up to higher surface 130, by gluing, stitching, or riveting. Most preferably, these surfaces are attached along nearly all of their perimeters, apart from sure portions as discussed beneath, and connected laterally between sides one hundred fifteen and 117 in a minimum of one area disposed in a central portion of base 112 between locations for wire units a hundred twenty five and clips 116. Layer 132 is preferably substantially the identical shape and measurement as layer 112 and they are preferably made of the same material. Base 112 also ideally includes a plurality of clip slots 128, each of which is configured to permit both an upper arm 118 or a decrease arm 122 of a clip 116 to pass by way of the clip slot. Most ideally, decrease arm 122 move via the clip slot 128 and is permanently connected to higher floor one hundred thirty of base 112 (and optionally to a backside floor of decorative parts 126), leaving upper arm 118 free to be opened and closed to supply a secondary mechanism for attaching decoration equipment one hundred ten to a wreath base or other substrate (as shown in FIG. 4).

For instance, wires could also be used to connect the ornament equipment to the deal with of a basket, to a grapevine wreath, and a foam wreath. Clips may be also used to attach the decoration apparatus to the deal with of a … Read More

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decoration system6. The hole shown in FIG. 6 is exaggerated for illustration functions. In regular use, layers 112 and 132 would contact one another within the space of each wire slot 138, but would not be adhered or attached together in the space of each wire slot 138.

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Similar pockets may be used with a single base layer embodiment. To present a secondary base attachment mechanism for adornment apparatus 10, a plurality of clips 16 are also hooked up to backside floor 14. Clips 16 are most preferably alligator type clips comprising an actuator 20 (normally hinged or spring actuated) with an elongated upper arm 18 and an elongated decrease arm (proven as 122 in FIG. three) forming a mouth to grasp part of the wreath. Either or both higher arm 18 or lower arm (corresponding to 122) preferably have enamel to assist in gripping part of the wreath. Clips sixteen are ideally completely attached to floor 14 by gluing or stitching both the upper arm 18 or lower arm to surface 14.

In another most well-liked embodiment, ornament apparatus 110 could optionally comprise a base having two layers, a backside layer 112 (closest to the wreath base when in use) and an upper layer 132 (closest to ornamental elements 126), as proven in FIGS. four-6. Bottom layer 112 has a backside surface 114 that may contact the ahead facing (seen when in use) surface of the wreath base or other substrate to which the ornament is to be … Read More

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decoration system

IXXI Mural decoration system 120 X one hundred Cross Beach. Evening Effect

Other shapes for base 12, corresponding to an arcuate shape can also be used to provide partial coverage of the wreath base. Multiple decoration apparatuses 10 may be used together (finish to finish, side to aspect, or any combination thereof) on a single wreath base to offer extra coverage or full protection of the base. Additionally, base 12 may be sized and formed to offer full coverage of a wreath base (similar to a round, oval, square, rectangular, heart, or different formed ring, known as a “full ring”), if desired, however that is somewhat limiting because the ornamental apparatus 10 can be sized and formed to suit solely specific wreaths. Most wreaths come in commonplace styles and sizes, so a full ring base 12 could nonetheless be used with totally different wreath bases (a 12 inch spherical grapevine wreath and a 12 inch round straw wreath, for instance). However, it is most most well-liked for base 12 to have a partial form to permit larger flexibility with interchangeability of location and orientation of ornament equipment 10 on the wreath base and allow mixtures of ornament apparatuses 10 (with each having the identical decorative elements 26 or every having completely different, ideally coordinating, ornamental parts 26) to be used to attain totally different looks.

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If such a wreath is manufactured from grapevine or a wire type, then the wires 24 may be … Read More