Interior ornament in China with a Virtual Reality system

decoration systemSimilarly, U.S. Pat. No. 5,a hundred and ten,635 discloses a wreath base manufactured from vines or rods bound together with spirally wound hook and loop tape. Decorations having the corresponding hook or loop tape hooked up to them are positioned onto the spirally wound strip on the wreath base. As one other example, U.S.

For any materials that’s not simply penetrable by a straight pin (e.g. thicker plastic, wooden, or metal), base layers preferably comprise a hole within the space of pockets 245 to permit insertion of a straight pin by way of the ornament apparatus, if desired. It is most preferred that the bottom supplies for 2 layer bases 112, 132 or 212, 232, be the same for each layer, but completely different material can also be used for each layer. There is a necessity for a common decoration attachment that will enable a user to easily and selectively connect one or more separate decorations to any kind of standard wreath base without requiring any modification of the wreath base and permitting the person to find out where to put the decorations on the wreath and how much of the wreath base is left visible from the front. There is also a need for a common ornament that allows for flexibility in the attachment gadgets and allows non-used attachment devices to be hidden from view or removed.

Attached between base 12 and ornamental parts 26, or between two base layers 12, are 2-3 spaced aside wires 24, each wire … Read More