EasyHome: An on-line virtual residence decoration system

decoration system6. The hole shown in FIG. 6 is exaggerated for illustration functions. In regular use, layers 112 and 132 would contact one another within the space of each wire slot 138, but would not be adhered or attached together in the space of each wire slot 138.

Event Decoration

Similar pockets may be used with a single base layer embodiment. To present a secondary base attachment mechanism for adornment apparatus 10, a plurality of clips 16 are also hooked up to backside floor 14. Clips 16 are most preferably alligator type clips comprising an actuator 20 (normally hinged or spring actuated) with an elongated upper arm 18 and an elongated decrease arm (proven as 122 in FIG. three) forming a mouth to grasp part of the wreath. Either or both higher arm 18 or lower arm (corresponding to 122) preferably have enamel to assist in gripping part of the wreath. Clips sixteen are ideally completely attached to floor 14 by gluing or stitching both the upper arm 18 or lower arm to surface 14.

In another most well-liked embodiment, ornament apparatus 110 could optionally comprise a base having two layers, a backside layer 112 (closest to the wreath base when in use) and an upper layer 132 (closest to ornamental elements 126), as proven in FIGS. four-6. Bottom layer 112 has a backside surface 114 that may contact the ahead facing (seen when in use) surface of the wreath base or other substrate to which the ornament is to be … Read More