decoration systemSimilarly, U.S. Pat. No. 5,110,635 discloses a wreath base made of vines or rods certain together with spirally wound hook and loop tape. Decorations having the corresponding hook or loop tape connected to them are placed onto the spirally wound strip on the wreath base. As another instance, U.S.

Outdoor Decoration

The decoration apparatus in accordance with declare thirteen wherein each pin location is marked on the bottom or on the decorative elements. The ornament equipment based on claim 10 additional comprising a wire slot for every set of wires, each wire slot configured to permit insertion of unused wires to cover them from view during use of the apparatus. The decoration equipment in accordance with declare 6 whereby each clip is selectively positionable in any one of the clip slots as wanted to achieve a secure attachment to a portion of the wreath. The decoration apparatus according to claim 3 further comprising a clip slot for every clip, every clip slot disposed through the bottom and configured to receive an arm of the clip. Each clip pocket 239 or arcuate pocket 249 is ideally barely longer than the length of the arm of the clip 216 that’s to be inserted into the pocket.

eight, where it’s simpler to insert a straight pin via ornamental components 226 and thru base 212 (and upper layer 232, if used), to provide a fourth mechanism for attaching ornament equipment 210 to a wreath base or other substrate. Most preferably, the world for every … Read More