Chocolate decoration system

decoration system

MAT FLOOR ornament system for picket floors

For metallic doors having a secondary door (screen or storm door) with restricted space between the steel door and the secondary door, it may be useful to permit use of decoration apparatus as a “wreath” without requiring a grapevine, straw, or other wreath base. Decoration apparatus 210 may comprise at least two suction cups, spaced out alongside base 212, along with or as an alternative of magnetic strips 240. Suction cups allow ornament equipment 210 to be hooked up to a glass door substrate, mirror substrate, or different smooth floor substrate, with out requiring a separate wreath base. This may be helpful when the glass door has a secondary door (display screen or storm door) with limited area between the glass door and the secondary door.

Similarly, U.S. Pat. No. 5,a hundred and ten,635 discloses a wreath base made from vines or rods certain together with spirally wound hook and loop tape. Decorations having the corresponding hook or loop tape attached to them are placed onto the spirally wound strip on the wreath base. As one other example, U.S.

With a detachable clip embodiment, each clip 116 could also be selectively inserted right into a clip slot 228 when needed as either the only base attachment mechanism used or as a secondary/further base attachment mechanism, and removed from base 212 when not wanted. Having detachable clips 216 aids in reducing the bulkiness of decoration equipment 210 compared to an embodiment where clips are … Read More

Project accomplished successfully for a chocolate topping and ornament system for a number one UK cake manufacturing firm in its south coast facility. Discussions going down for an additional order to be placed, with HPS for installation later this 12 months.”

decoration systemAccording to a different most popular embodiment, the wire is attached to the top or higher surface of the base, between the base and ornamental elements. According to another preferred embodiment, at least one set of wires is used as a base mechanism, with each wire in a set having a minimum of one characteristic (such as color and/or gauge) totally different from the other wire or wires within the set.

Decorative apparatus 210 preferably includes a base 212, a plurality of wires 224 (or wire sets, just like 25, one hundred twenty five), a plurality of clip slots 228 by way of every of which an arm of a clip 216 is insertable. Most preferable, clips 216 are detachable, however an arm of every clip 216 may be permanently connected to backside surface 214 (by which case, slits 228 usually are not needed) or to an higher surface of base 112 (just like higher floor 130).

Decoration Rings

For example, wires may be used to attach the ornament apparatus to the handle of a basket, to a grapevine wreath, and a foam wreath. Clips could also be also used to attach the decoration apparatus to the handle of a basket and the grapevine wreath, however would not be very helpful for attachment to most foam wreaths.

Sugar Skull Decoration Party

While easier than a few of the different prior artwork attachment mechanisms, this sort of attachment is not suitable to be used with all wreaths. For instance, the elastic … Read More

Sollich Decoration with Chocolate

decoration system


Decorative equipment 210 ideally includes a two layer base, just like equipment 110, however may also have solely a single base layer. The wire, clip, and clip slot configurations for equipment 210 are essentially the same as with equipment 10 or 110, with equipment 210 preferably comprising a plurality of clip pockets 239 or 249, each accommodating insertion of an arm of a detachable clip 216. Attached to bottom floor 14 are a plurality of wire units 25 spaced out alongside the length of base 12. Each wire set 25 incorporates at least two wires, 24a and 24b, but further wires (e.g. a third wire, or third and fourth wires) can also be included in every set 25. Each wire set 25 is spaced out each 3-6 inches along the size of base 12 (or such other entirety of base 12, if base 12 is a full ring).

3 and as additional described beneath with respect to clips 216 in apparatus 210. According to yet another most popular embodiment, the base includes two layers. In this embodiment, the decorative components are attached to an higher floor of the higher layer with the wires disposed between the two base layers, preferably glued or otherwise permanently attached between the layers, and no less than one other base attachment mechanism (such as the clips, magnet or suction cups) could also be completely hooked up to or removably connected to a backside surface of the underside layer.

Preferably a minimum of one pin … Read More