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decoration systemWires 24a and 24b (and any additional wires in each wire set 25) may also have completely different strengths or thicknesses to accommodate the load of decoration equipment 10 (primarily determined by the load of the particular decorative parts 26 used) in varied end makes use of. A stronger or thicker wire may be wanted to carry a heavy set of decorative components 26 to a wreath hanging on a door, while a thinner wire of less energy may be want to attach the identical set of ornamental elements to a desk basket because part of the burden of the ornamental components 26 is supported by the surface on which the basket is placed. Different wire lengths can also be provided to accommodate totally different sizes wreathes or different substrates. Any of the wires 24 that aren’t being used to attach decorative apparatus 10 to a substrate may be folded in and tucked behind base 12 so they don’t seem to be readily seen from the entrance when in use. Any combination of coloration, thickness/strength, and size may be used for the wires in every set 25 and each set 25 needn’t have the same combination of wires.

Multi-Decoration System Includes:

Pat. No. 5,513,978 discloses a tapered form anchor attached to a ornament, corresponding to a pine cone, by wire or string. The anchor is inserted all the way through the wreath base, narrow finish first, in order that the broader end catches on the branches on the back aspect … Read More