Sollich Decoration with Chocolate

decoration system


Decorative equipment 210 ideally includes a two layer base, just like equipment 110, however may also have solely a single base layer. The wire, clip, and clip slot configurations for equipment 210 are essentially the same as with equipment 10 or 110, with equipment 210 preferably comprising a plurality of clip pockets 239 or 249, each accommodating insertion of an arm of a detachable clip 216. Attached to bottom floor 14 are a plurality of wire units 25 spaced out alongside the length of base 12. Each wire set 25 incorporates at least two wires, 24a and 24b, but further wires (e.g. a third wire, or third and fourth wires) can also be included in every set 25. Each wire set 25 is spaced out each 3-6 inches along the size of base 12 (or such other entirety of base 12, if base 12 is a full ring).

3 and as additional described beneath with respect to clips 216 in apparatus 210. According to yet another most popular embodiment, the base includes two layers. In this embodiment, the decorative components are attached to an higher floor of the higher layer with the wires disposed between the two base layers, preferably glued or otherwise permanently attached between the layers, and no less than one other base attachment mechanism (such as the clips, magnet or suction cups) could also be completely hooked up to or removably connected to a backside surface of the underside layer.

Preferably a minimum of one pin location 244 is disposed near finish 213 and one other disposed close to end 211. Most ideally there are a number of pin locations/marked spots 244 positioned at various factors on surface 214 across the perimeter of base 212. Marked spots 244 could also be outlined or coloured differently than the opposite portions of floor 214 or ornamental components 226. Alternatively, decoration equipment may include a separate diagram indicating the place on base 212 pin insertion locations 244 are positioned without really requiring any physical markings on surface 214 or ornamental components 226. The marked spots 244 indicate an unobstructed or minimally obstructed area 245 and/or 246 as shown on FIG.

Pat. No. 7,217,446 discloses a stable wreath base having holes by way of the wreath. Decorations with rods configured to fit by way of the holes are inserted into the holes on the wreath base and a fastener secures the rod to the wreath on the backside of the wreath. The fastener could also be disguised from view by making use of decorations to either side of the wreath, but that adds to the expense of the wreath and the bulkiness (depth) of the wreath, which may not work for hanging on a door with limited house between the door and a storm or display screen door.

The decoration equipment according to claim 13 wherein every pin location is marked on the bottom or on the ornamental components. The ornament apparatus according to claim 10 additional comprising a wire slot for every set of wires, every wire slot configured to allow insertion of unused wires to hide them from view during use of the equipment. The ornament equipment in accordance with claim 6 wherein every clip is selectively positionable in any one of many clip slots as needed to realize a safe attachment to a portion of the wreath. The ornament equipment in accordance with declare 3 further comprising a clip slot for each clip, each clip slot disposed via the bottom and configured to receive an arm of the clip. Each clip pocket 239 or arcuate pocket 249 is preferably slightly longer than the size of the arm of the clip 216 that’s to be inserted into the pocket.

FLOORY decorative end for cement flooring

The arm of clip 216 disposed to contact surface 214 (arm 218 as shown in FIG. 7A) ideally has enamel to help in decreasing such slippage. The ornament apparatus based on declare 21 further comprising no less than two decorative parts, a first decorative factor similar to a primary season or vacation and a second ornamental element comparable to a second season or vacation, the first and second ornamental parts every having the first portion of the ornament attachment mechanism to permit the first or second ornamental components to be selectively attachable to the bottom. The ornament equipment in accordance with claim 1 wherein the substrate is a normal commercially obtainable wreath and no modification of the wreath is required to connect the decoration apparatus to the wreath utilizing a minimum of one of the first or second base attachment mechanisms at any desired location on the wreath. Other commercially out there removable decorations use elastic or string connected to at least one side of the ornament that can be wrapped around a standard wreath base and secured to the other aspect of the decoration with a snap or button.