Project accomplished successfully for a chocolate topping and ornament system for a number one UK cake manufacturing firm in its south coast facility. Discussions going down for an additional order to be placed, with HPS for installation later this 12 months.”

decoration systemAccording to a different most popular embodiment, the wire is attached to the top or higher surface of the base, between the base and ornamental elements. According to another preferred embodiment, at least one set of wires is used as a base mechanism, with each wire in a set having a minimum of one characteristic (such as color and/or gauge) totally different from the other wire or wires within the set.

Decorative apparatus 210 preferably includes a base 212, a plurality of wires 224 (or wire sets, just like 25, one hundred twenty five), a plurality of clip slots 228 by way of every of which an arm of a clip 216 is insertable. Most preferable, clips 216 are detachable, however an arm of every clip 216 may be permanently connected to backside surface 214 (by which case, slits 228 usually are not needed) or to an higher surface of base 112 (just like higher floor 130).

Decoration Rings

For example, wires may be used to attach the ornament apparatus to the handle of a basket, to a grapevine wreath, and a foam wreath. Clips could also be also used to attach the decoration apparatus to the handle of a basket and the grapevine wreath, however would not be very helpful for attachment to most foam wreaths.

Sugar Skull Decoration Party

While easier than a few of the different prior artwork attachment mechanisms, this sort of attachment is not suitable to be used with all wreaths. For instance, the elastic or string will not be long sufficient to wrap around a particularly wide wreath. Additionally, if you have a wreath base that has twigs extending outwardly from the internal ring (like a sunburst wreath), the elastic or string would need to be inserted between the twigs to secure the decoration. This could result in breaking the twigs or inflicting the twigs to separate resulting in an undesirably non-uniform appearance for the wreath base. The elastic or string can also be visible from the rear side of the wreath, which is undesirable for use on glass doors the place the rear aspect of the wreath is visible throughout normal use.

No. 5,789,043 discloses a decoration base with prongs extending from the base. The prongs are inserted via branches on the wreath to hold the ornament base in place. This type of attachment mechanism can also be not useable with a foam or straw kind wreath. The ornament equipment in accordance with claim 1 whereby the equipment is removably attachable to multiple kind of substrate and whereby the first base attachment mechanism is configured to connect the equipment to a minimum of one type of substrate and the second base attachment mechanism is configured to connect the apparatus to no less than one different kind of substrate.

In another preferred embodiment, decoration apparatus one hundred ten could optionally comprise a base having two layers, a bottom layer 112 (closest to the wreath base when in use) and an upper layer 132 (closest to decorative components 126), as shown in FIGS. four-6. Bottom layer 112 has a backside surface 114 that may contact the ahead going through (seen when in use) floor of the wreath base or other substrate to which the ornament is to be connected and an higher floor one hundred thirty. Upper layer 132 has an higher floor 136 that contacts the ornamental parts 126 and a bottom surface 134.