Project accomplished successfully for a chocolate topping and decoration system for a number one UK cake manufacturing company in its south coast facility. Discussions happening for an extra order to be placed, with HPS for installation later this year.”

decoration systemAt least a portion of backside surface 134 is ideally completely connected to upper floor one hundred thirty, by gluing, sewing, or riveting. Most preferably, these surfaces are attached alongside the vast majority of their perimeters, except for certain parts as discussed below, and connected laterally between sides one hundred fifteen and 117 in at least one area disposed in a central portion of base 112 between areas for wire sets 125 and clips 116. Layer 132 is preferably considerably the same shape and size as layer 112 and they are preferably made of the identical materials. Base 112 also preferably comprises a plurality of clip slots 128, each of which is configured to permit both an higher arm 118 or a decrease arm 122 of a clip 116 to cross through the clip slot. Most ideally, lower arm 122 move through the clip slot 128 and is completely attached to higher surface 130 of base 112 (and optionally to a backside floor of decorative elements 126), leaving upper arm 118 free to be opened and closed to supply a secondary mechanism for attaching ornament apparatus 110 to a wreath base or other substrate (as proven in FIG. 4).

Pat. No. 7,217,446 discloses a stable wreath base having holes through the wreath. Decorations with rods configured to suit by way of the holes are inserted into the holes on the wreath base and a fastener secures the rod to the wreath on the backside of the wreath. The fastener could also be disguised from view by applying decorations to each side of the wreath, however that provides to the expense of the wreath and the bulkiness (depth) of the wreath, which can not work for hanging on a door with limited house between the door and a storm or display door.

Although the decoration apparatuses based on the invention may are available a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, and include a number of totally different attachment mechanisms, the ornament apparatuses are pretty common to be used with every kind and sizes of wreath bases and different substrates and don’t require using specifically designed wreath base or any modification to a normal wreath base or different normal substrate. Although primarily described herein for use with standard wreath bases (corresponding to foam, grapevine, cork, wire, department (e.g. pine branches), and sunburst wreathes), decoration apparatuses based on the invention may be used with and hooked up to other forms of substrates, together with pinning, clipping or wiring to woven baskets, handles of baskets or buckets, bulletin boards, memory boards, lamp shades, vases, or mirrors; pinning, clipping, wiring, or magnetically attaching to magnet boards and metallic buckets; magnetically attaching to magnetic appliances (such as fridges) and metal doors.

As an extra various, decoration equipment 210 might comprise a number of clip pockets 239 and one or more arcuate pockets 249. These forms of wreaths have added expense in making the wreath base specially designed to connect to the decorations, rather than allowing using standard, commercially available wreath bases. They also incessantly require the complete wreath base to be lined in decorations to hide the attachment mechanisms on the wreath. This adds to the person’s expense of buying the decorations and doesn’t enable the user any flexibility in tips on how to adorn the wreath base. For occasion, some customers choose a wreath that’s only partially covered (similar to ¼ or ½ covered) with decorations, leaving a few of the wreath seen from the entrance of the wreath.

According to a different most popular embodiment, a wire slot is formed between the upper and backside layers of the base for each wire or wire set. The wire slot is configured to permit the wire or wires in a wire set to be tucked into the slot and hidden from view when not in use. When a wire is used as a base attachment mechanism, the twisted portion (where the wire is connected to itself after wrapping around the wreath) could also be tucked into the slot to hide it from view. Additionally, in accordance with another most well-liked embodiment, the wire used as a base attachment mechanism may be removable from the bottom and inserted via the wire slot when it is desired to use a wire as a base attachment mechanism. According to another preferred embodiment, ornamental elements (corresponding to components 26, 126, or 226) are detachable from a base (such as base 12, 112, or 212) to which two or extra base attachment mechanisms are connected or connectable.

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The gadget includes a base 12 having a bottom surface 14 that might contact the forward facing (seen when in use) floor of the wreath base or different substrate to which the ornament is to be attached. The prime floor (not proven) of base 12 would contact the bottom surfaces of the decorative floral components 26.

With a detachable clip embodiment, each clip 116 may be selectively inserted into a clip slot 228 when needed as both the one base attachment mechanism used or as a secondary/extra base attachment mechanism, and faraway from base 212 when not wanted. Having detachable clips 216 aids in decreasing the bulkiness of ornament apparatus 210 in comparison with an embodiment the place clips are completely connected to base 212.

Additionally, the anchor provides some bulk to the back of the wreath, which can make the portion of the wreath with the ornament protrude more than other portions without the ornament. Also, this type of mechanism is not useable with a foam or straw kind wreath base. Similarly, U.S. Pat.

Each pin location is in an unobstructed or minimally obstructed area of the base, the place there isn’t a other base attachment mechanism that may obstruct insertion of a pin and the place there isn’t any glue or stitching, or a minimal amount of glue or stiches, between the ornamental components and the base and between base layers, to make insertion of the pin simpler. According to another most popular embodiment, the pin areas are marked on the base or an instructional diagram is supplied to point where pockets are situated.

It is also costly for the person to buy so many wreaths, particularly when it results in duplicates of the type of wreath base. As an alternative choice to fabric base layers, plastic, steel or wooden can also be used for base 12, 112, 212, 132, and/or 232. These different base supplies provide higher power and stability, which can be useful for particularly heavy ornamental elements.