Project accomplished efficiently for a chocolate topping and decoration system for a leading UK cake manufacturing firm in its south coast facility. Discussions taking place for an extra order to be placed, with HPS for installation later this yr.”

decoration systemAt least a portion of backside surface 134 is ideally completely hooked up to higher surface 130, by gluing, stitching, or riveting. Most preferably, these surfaces are attached along nearly all of their perimeters, apart from sure portions as discussed beneath, and connected laterally between sides one hundred fifteen and 117 in a minimum of one area disposed in a central portion of base 112 between locations for wire units a hundred twenty five and clips 116. Layer 132 is preferably substantially the identical shape and measurement as layer 112 and they are preferably made of the same material. Base 112 also ideally includes a plurality of clip slots 128, each of which is configured to permit both an upper arm 118 or a decrease arm 122 of a clip 116 to pass by way of the clip slot. Most ideally, decrease arm 122 move via the clip slot 128 and is permanently connected to higher floor one hundred thirty of base 112 (and optionally to a backside floor of decorative parts 126), leaving upper arm 118 free to be opened and closed to supply a secondary mechanism for attaching decoration equipment one hundred ten to a wreath base or other substrate (as shown in FIG. 4).

For instance, wires could also be used to connect the ornament equipment to the deal with of a basket, to a grapevine wreath, and a foam wreath. Clips may be also used to attach the decoration apparatus to the deal with of a basket and the grapevine wreath, but wouldn’t be very useful for attachment to most foam wreaths.

Alternatively, the base layers may be colored to blend with the main coloration of an supposed wreath base or other substrate. For example, a decoration equipment having Christmas themed ornamental components could have a dark green colored base (whatever the colors used for the ornamental parts) to mix with a pine greenery wreath base. Any ornament equipment in accordance with the invention can also embody a separate piece of ornamental ribbon or fabric strip designed to be quickly wrapped across the wreath base or a deal with portion of a basket substrate, and so forth. The ribbon or fabric may be held in place on the wreath base or substrate by overlapping the ends with the ornament apparatus and attaching the decoration equipment to the wreath base or substrate using any considered one of or mixture of base attachment mechanisms described herein.

While easier than a few of the other prior artwork attachment mechanisms, this type of attachment isn’t appropriate to be used with all wreaths. For instance, the elastic or string is probably not lengthy sufficient to wrap around a very wide wreath. Additionally, when you have a wreath base that has twigs extending outwardly from the inner ring (like a sunburst wreath), the elastic or string would have to be inserted between the twigs to secure the decoration. This might result in breaking the twigs or inflicting the twigs to separate resulting in an undesirably non-uniform look for the wreath base. The elastic or string can be seen from the rear aspect of the wreath, which is undesirable to be used on glass doors the place the rear facet of the wreath is seen during normal use.

According to a different preferred embodiment, the wire is hooked up to the highest or higher floor of the base, between the bottom and decorative parts. According to a different most well-liked embodiment, no less than one set of wires is used as a base mechanism, with every wire in a set having a minimum of one characteristic (corresponding to shade and/or gauge) totally different from the other wire or wires within the set.

The ornament apparatus based on declare 13 whereby every pin location is marked on the bottom or on the decorative parts. The ornament apparatus according to claim 10 further comprising a wire slot for each set of wires, every wire slot configured to allow insertion of unused wires to cover them from view throughout use of the equipment. The ornament apparatus according to declare 6 whereby each clip is selectively positionable in any one of the clip slots as wanted to attain a secure attachment to a portion of the wreath. The decoration apparatus according to claim three additional comprising a clip slot for each clip, each clip slot disposed through the base and configured to obtain an arm of the clip. Each clip pocket 239 or arcuate pocket 249 is ideally slightly longer than the length of the arm of the clip 216 that is to be inserted into the pocket.

The arm of clip 216 disposed to contact surface 214 (arm 218 as shown in FIG. 7A) preferably has enamel to assist in reducing such slippage. The ornament apparatus based on claim 21 additional comprising no less than two ornamental elements, a first decorative factor corresponding to a first season or vacation and a second decorative factor corresponding to a second season or vacation, the first and second decorative parts each having the first portion of the ornament attachment mechanism to permit the primary or second ornamental components to be selectively attachable to the bottom. The decoration equipment based on declare 1 whereby the substrate is a standard commercially out there wreath and no modification of the wreath is required to attach the decoration equipment to the wreath utilizing a minimum of one of many first or second base attachment mechanisms at any desired location on the wreath. Other commercially out there removable decorations use elastic or string hooked up to one aspect of the decoration that may be wrapped round a normal wreath base and secured to the other aspect of the ornament with a snap or button.

It can be expensive for the user to buy so many wreaths, particularly when it ends in duplicates of the kind of wreath base. As an alternative to fabric base layers, plastic, metallic or wooden may be used for base 12, 112, 212, 132, and/or 232. These various base materials present greater energy and stability, which can be useful for particularly heavy decorative elements.

The lighting system for occasion ornament in Saigon

Pat. No. 6,667,079 discloses a wire wreath frame having projecting pins and a box kind holder with a plurality of holes to obtain decorations. Similarly, U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2006/0117629 discloses a wire wreath frame with a plurality of grasping clips to attach varied decorations. U.S.