Pantec Print Decoration: REFINING SYSTEMS

decoration systemThe ornament apparatus in accordance with claim sixteen whereby a second kind of substrate is a standard commercially out there wreath or basket and the second base attachment mechanism is a plurality of wires disposed on the bottom or between the base and decorative components. A common decoration apparatus system contains decorative components, similar to a floral arrangement, and a base having a minimum of two completely different attachment mechanisms for attachment of the decoration apparatus to a regular wreath or different substrate without requiring any modification of the wreath. Multiple decoration apparatuses could also be used collectively to achieve completely different appears or could also be swapped out for a change of season or holiday.

Decoration System

3-6, one other most well-liked embodiment of a universal wreath ornament equipment 110 in accordance with the invention is proven. Apparatus a hundred and ten comprises a base 112 that’s just like base 12 in FIGS. 1-2, except that in this embodiment, base 112 has an arcuate shape and every set of wires one hundred twenty five is hooked up to the higher surface one hundred thirty of base 112, rather than the decrease surface 114. Each set of wires is disposed between upper surface 130 and the bottom of decorative elements 126.

Clips can also be used to attach the ornament apparatus to a vase or lamp shade. Straight pins may be used to connect the decoration apparatus to a foam wreath, lamp shade, or bulletin board, however wouldn’t be very helpful for attachment to most grapevine wreathes. Referring to FIG. 7A, another most popular embodiment of decorative apparatus 210 is depicted.

Most preferably the range of angles θ (θ a , θ b , and so on.) is between about one hundred twenty° and 240° and extra preferably between about one hundred thirty five° and 245° and most preferably between one hundred forty° and 220°. The angle θ range is measured from an axis 242 (same perpendicular axis previously described) around to outer edge 250 and to outer edge 251 of each pocket 249, as shown in FIGS. 7B and 7C. The use of arcuate pockets 249 offers higher flexibility in the selective placement of clips 216 in order to better grasp a portion of the wreath base or different substrate. However, the broader configuration of arcuate pockets 249 might enable for slippage of a clip 216 alongside base 212.

Outdoor Decoration

Most ideally, there are a plurality of removable clips spaced out along the longitudinal sides of the base. Most preferably the clips on one aspect of the base are offset relative to the clips on the opposite aspect of the bottom or an irregular placement sample is used to offer larger flexibility in having no less than two clips align with branches on the wreath for attachment.

When it is desirable to use a clip for attachment of the decoration, the decrease arm of the clip is inserted via the clip slot, right into a clip pocket disposed between the bottom and decorative components in a single layer embodiment or between the 2 base layers in a two layer embodiment. The clip is actuated to know a branch on the wreath, pinching the bottom and department collectively to secure the decoration to the wreath. Preferably at least two clips are used to safe a ornament, but any variety of clips may be used as desired and in any configuration (such as one clip by way of the uppermost right hand aspect clip slot and one clip via the lowermost left hand facet clip slot or through the uppermost and lowermost right hand aspect clip slots) to be inserted into the clip slot. Most preferably, each clip pocket is disposed at an angle or vary of angles relative to an axis that is perpendicular to a line tangential to the facet of the base at some extent nearest the center of the clip slot opening for the pocket. Most preferably, the clip pockets are arranged along both longitudinal sides of the bottom in an offset or irregular sample.

Decorative apparatus 210 preferably includes a two layer base, much like equipment a hundred and ten, but can also have solely a single base layer. The wire, clip, and clip slot configurations for apparatus 210 are basically the same as with apparatus 10 or 110, with apparatus 210 preferably comprising a plurality of clip pockets 239 or 249, every accommodating insertion of an arm of a removable clip 216. Attached to backside surface 14 are a plurality of wire sets 25 spaced out along the size of base 12. Each wire set 25 incorporates no less than two wires, 24a and 24b, but extra wires (e.g. a third wire, or third and fourth wires) may be included in each set 25. Each wire set 25 is spaced out each 3-6 inches alongside the length of base 12 (or such different entirety of base 12, if base 12 is a full ring).