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decoration systemIf not glued, these decorations may be secured to the wreath base by wire wrapping across the wreath and the decorations in a manner that’s not designed for separation of the decorations from the base by the tip user. As outcome, most customers will buy and have to retailer multiple wreaths to alter out the decorations for the season or vacation, despite the fact that the type of wreath base is frequently the identical as different wreaths owned by the consumer.

Although the decoration apparatuses in accordance with the invention could are available a wide range of sizes, shapes, and material, and include a number of totally different attachment mechanisms, the decoration apparatuses are fairly common to be used with all types and sizes of wreath bases and other substrates and do not require the use of specifically designed wreath base or any modification to a normal wreath base or other standard substrate. Although primarily described herein to be used with normal wreath bases (such as foam, grapevine, cork, wire, department (e.g. pine branches), and sunburst wreathes), decoration apparatuses according to the invention can also be used with and hooked up to other forms of substrates, together with pinning, clipping or wiring to woven baskets, handles of baskets or buckets, bulletin boards, memory boards, lamp shades, vases, or mirrors; pinning, clipping, wiring, or magnetically attaching to magnet boards and steel buckets; magnetically attaching to magnetic home equipment (such as refrigerators) and steel doorways.

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When it’s desirable to use a clip for attachment of the ornament, the decrease arm of the clip is inserted by way of the clip slot, right into a clip pocket disposed between the base and ornamental components in a single layer embodiment or between the 2 base layers in a two layer embodiment. The clip is actuated to grasp a branch on the wreath, pinching the bottom and department collectively to safe the ornament to the wreath. Preferably no less than two clips are used to safe a ornament, but any variety of clips may be used as desired and in any configuration (corresponding to one clip by way of the uppermost proper hand facet clip slot and one clip through the lowermost left hand aspect clip slot or via the uppermost and lowermost right hand facet clip slots) to be inserted into the clip slot. Most ideally, every clip pocket is disposed at an angle or range of angles relative to an axis that is perpendicular to a line tangential to the aspect of the base at a point nearest the middle of the clip slot opening for the pocket. Most ideally, the clip pockets are arranged alongside each longitudinal sides of the base in an offset or irregular pattern.

There are also a couple of wreaths within the prior art that allow for removable and interchangeable decorations. Many of these types of wreaths involve sophisticated and bulky attachment constructions or buildings which are solely suitable for department kind (such as grapevine or pine bough) wreathes. For example, U.S.

In a two layer embodiment, an arm portion of each clip 116 disposed via each clip slot 128 is preferably permanently connected to both upper surface a hundred thirty or lower surface 134 (or each). Clip slots 128 can also be utilized in a single layer base embodiment, with an arm portion of each clip 116 disposed through a clip slot and connected to the upper surface of the base, the underside floor of the ornamental components, or each.

One of the downsides to this wreath system is that there is a completely connected decoration, lowering the decorative flexibility of the wreath. Additionally, this attachment mechanism requires the user to put removable decorations in sure predetermined areas (and on all such places to cowl over the coupling device), instead of which ever places the person desires. The decoration equipment in accordance with declare 18 additional comprising a plurality of removable clips or clips completely attached to the bottom as a 3rd base attachment mechanism for attachment of the apparatus to the wreath or basket. Most ideally, in embodiments having wire units 25, wires 24a have at least one characteristic that is completely different from wires 24b. The attribute may be coloration, gauge (energy/thickness), and/or length extending from the sides of base 12.


Most ideally, apparatus 210 includes a number of magnets or magnetic strips 240 disposed on floor 214 at numerous factors around the perimeter of base 212. Magnets 240 can also be disposed on a prime surface of base 212, between the bottom and ornamental parts or between base layers in a two layer embodiment. Magnets 240 present a third base attachment mechanism for adornment equipment 210, that’s particularly useful for attaching apparatus 210 to metal substrates, similar to a decorative bucket or a metallic door. Magnets may also permit decoration equipment 210 (or a number of ornament apparatuses 210 combined together) to act as a decoration or even a full ring “wreath” for a metal door without requiring an precise wreath base, during which case the metallic door acts because the substrate to which ornament equipment 210 is attached.

Applicant’s own commercially out there removable decorations use a mixture of two or extra wires (of the identical kind) and two or more alligator type clips spaced aside longitudinally and glued to a base, as shown in FIG. 1.

Pat. No. 5,513,978 discloses a tapered form anchor connected to a ornament, such as a pine cone, by wire or string. The anchor is inserted all the way through the wreath base, slender end first, in order that the broader finish catches on the branches on the back aspect of the wreath. The anchor is then seen from the again side of the wreath, which is not fascinating for a glass door.