Interior ornament in China with a Virtual Reality system

decoration systemSimilarly, U.S. Pat. No. 5,a hundred and ten,635 discloses a wreath base manufactured from vines or rods bound together with spirally wound hook and loop tape. Decorations having the corresponding hook or loop tape hooked up to them are positioned onto the spirally wound strip on the wreath base. As one other example, U.S.

For any materials that’s not simply penetrable by a straight pin (e.g. thicker plastic, wooden, or metal), base layers preferably comprise a hole within the space of pockets 245 to permit insertion of a straight pin by way of the ornament apparatus, if desired. It is most preferred that the bottom supplies for 2 layer bases 112, 132 or 212, 232, be the same for each layer, but completely different material can also be used for each layer. There is a necessity for a common decoration attachment that will enable a user to easily and selectively connect one or more separate decorations to any kind of standard wreath base without requiring any modification of the wreath base and permitting the person to find out where to put the decorations on the wreath and how much of the wreath base is left visible from the front. There is also a need for a common ornament that allows for flexibility in the attachment gadgets and allows non-used attachment devices to be hidden from view or removed.

Attached between base 12 and ornamental parts 26, or between two base layers 12, are 2-3 spaced aside wires 24, each wire 34 being the same type and colour wire and completely glued to base 12. The wires lengthen laterally throughout base 12 with the ends of the wires 24 extending sufficiently past the facet edges 15, 17 of base 12 to supply enough size to wrap the wires around the wreath base and twist them together on the back aspect of the wreath base or other substrate. As a second base attachment mechanism, 203 spaced-apart alligator kind clips 16 are completely glued to a bottom surface of base 12 as a second base attachment mechanism. As each the wires and clips on this prior art decoration attachment system are glued to the bottom, neither are removable when not in use and each could also be visible when hooked up to a wreath or other substrate. The base on this prior artwork device doesn’t have pockets or another mechanism for hiding the wires when not in use.

The decoration apparatus based on declare three whereby at least one clip is disposed to open toward a proper facet of the base and a minimum of one other clip is disposed to open towards a left facet of the base. The technique of claim 26 additional comprising inserting an arm of every clip into each slot and completely attaching the inserted arm to the ornamental element or the bottom or each. The ornament apparatus based on claim 4 wherein at least one clip is disposed at a primary angle and a minimum of one different clip is disposed at a second angle, the primary angle being totally different from the second angle. (and other α angles for clips oriented to open towards the left side of base (toward facet 217, the left side when viewed from front throughout use) might be between about −60° and 60°, more ideally between −45° and 45°, and most ideally between about −40° to −50° or forty° to 50°. These and different options, objects and advantages of the present invention will turn out to be higher understood from a consideration of the next detailed description of the popular embodiments and appended claims in conjunction with the drawings.

The alternating nature of the clips 16a, 16b, 16c, etc. aids in guaranteeing that a couple of clip will be able to grasp onto part of the wreath base. It isn’t required that every clip 16 be used to grasp part of the wreath base so as to securely attach decorative apparatus 10 to the wreath base. When clips sixteen are used to secure decorative apparatus 10 to the wreath base, wires 24 may be folded inward onto surface 14 of base 12 to tuck them in behind base 12 and conceal them from sight when the wreath is in use.

MAT FLOOR ornament system for wooden floors

Most ideally, there are a plurality of detachable clips spaced out along the longitudinal sides of the bottom. Most ideally the clips on one side of the bottom are offset relative to the clips on the other aspect of the bottom or an irregular placement pattern is used to provide higher flexibility in having at least two clips align with branches on the wreath for attachment.