EasyHome: An on-line virtual residence decoration system

decoration system6. The hole shown in FIG. 6 is exaggerated for illustration functions. In regular use, layers 112 and 132 would contact one another within the space of each wire slot 138, but would not be adhered or attached together in the space of each wire slot 138.

Event Decoration

Similar pockets may be used with a single base layer embodiment. To present a secondary base attachment mechanism for adornment apparatus 10, a plurality of clips 16 are also hooked up to backside floor 14. Clips 16 are most preferably alligator type clips comprising an actuator 20 (normally hinged or spring actuated) with an elongated upper arm 18 and an elongated decrease arm (proven as 122 in FIG. three) forming a mouth to grasp part of the wreath. Either or both higher arm 18 or lower arm (corresponding to 122) preferably have enamel to assist in gripping part of the wreath. Clips sixteen are ideally completely attached to floor 14 by gluing or stitching both the upper arm 18 or lower arm to surface 14.

In another most well-liked embodiment, ornament apparatus 110 could optionally comprise a base having two layers, a backside layer 112 (closest to the wreath base when in use) and an upper layer 132 (closest to ornamental elements 126), as proven in FIGS. four-6. Bottom layer 112 has a backside surface 114 that may contact the ahead facing (seen when in use) surface of the wreath base or other substrate to which the ornament is to be hooked up and an higher surface 130. Upper layer 132 has an higher surface 136 that contacts the decorative parts 126 and a backside surface 134.

Most ideally, the lower arm is adhered to floor 14, which makes it barely simpler to maneuver actuator 20 than if higher arm 18 is adhered to surface 14. Clips 16 are ideally spaced out each 3-6 inches alongside the size of base 12 (or such other entirety of base 12, if base 12 is a full ring). Clips 16 ideally alternate orientations with respect to opening course, with one clip 16a opening toward aspect 15 and the following clip 16b opening towards aspect 17, and so forth. The orientation of any individual clip is not critical, for example 16a could open toward aspect 17 with clip 16b opening toward aspect 15.

Preferably at least one pin location 244 is disposed close to end 213 and one other disposed close to finish 211. Most preferably there are a number of pin areas/marked spots 244 positioned at numerous factors on floor 214 across the perimeter of base 212. Marked spots 244 could also be outlined or colored in a different way than the opposite parts of surface 214 or decorative parts 226. Alternatively, ornament equipment could include a separate diagram indicating where on base 212 pin insertion areas 244 are located with out really requiring any physical markings on surface 214 or ornamental parts 226. The marked spots 244 point out an unobstructed or minimally obstructed space 245 and/or 246 as shown on FIG.

The gadget includes a base 12 having a bottom floor 14 that would contact the ahead facing (visible when in use) surface of the wreath base or other substrate to which the ornament is to be attached. The high floor (not proven) of base 12 would contact the underside surfaces of the ornamental floral parts 26.

In the hooked up or detachable clip embodiments, the other arm (not inserted by way of the clip slot) and the actuator of the clip stay free on the bottom surface of the bottom to allow the clip to be opened for attaching the base to a wreath. Although the wires 24 are usually not very noticeable when wrapped across the wreath base if the decorative parts 26 lengthen past the sides of base 12, the consumer could prefer to not use wires 24 to attach decoration equipment 10 to wreath base for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, wires 24 is probably not the most effective base attachment mechanisms for sure kinds of substrates. For instance, wires 24 may be difficult to make use of to connect decoration equipment 10 to a basket portion of a wreath base (such as a metal bucket sort door hanger or an oval wreath that’s open within the central portion at the high but has a basket portion at the bottom), for the reason that wires 24 are probably not lengthy enough to wrap all the way in which around the basket portion.