decoration systemSimilarly, U.S. Pat. No. 5,110,635 discloses a wreath base made of vines or rods certain together with spirally wound hook and loop tape. Decorations having the corresponding hook or loop tape connected to them are placed onto the spirally wound strip on the wreath base. As another instance, U.S.

Outdoor Decoration

The decoration apparatus in accordance with declare thirteen wherein each pin location is marked on the bottom or on the decorative elements. The ornament equipment based on claim 10 additional comprising a wire slot for every set of wires, each wire slot configured to permit insertion of unused wires to cover them from view during use of the apparatus. The decoration equipment in accordance with declare 6 whereby each clip is selectively positionable in any one of the clip slots as wanted to achieve a secure attachment to a portion of the wreath. The decoration apparatus according to claim 3 further comprising a clip slot for every clip, every clip slot disposed through the bottom and configured to receive an arm of the clip. Each clip pocket 239 or arcuate pocket 249 is ideally barely longer than the length of the arm of the clip 216 that’s to be inserted into the pocket.

eight, where it’s simpler to insert a straight pin via ornamental components 226 and thru base 212 (and upper layer 232, if used), to provide a fourth mechanism for attaching ornament equipment 210 to a wreath base or other substrate. Most preferably, the world for every pin location 244 is an unobstructed space the place there isn’t any other attachment mechanism (both a base attachment mechanism or a decoration attachment mechanism as discussed below) that might obstruct insertion of a pin and where there isn’t a glue or stitching between ornamental elements and base (or upper base layer) and between base layers that might make insertion of a pin troublesome. A pocket 246 could also be formed between decorative parts 226 and higher surface 236 of an higher base layer and another pocket 245 shaped between lower surface 234 of an higher base layer and higher surface 230 of a decrease base layer, as shown as exaggerated openings in FIG. eight. There is not any attachment between the layers in the area of pockets 245/246.

No. 5,789,043 discloses a decoration base with prongs extending from the bottom. The prongs are inserted by way of branches on the wreath to hold the decoration base in place. This type of attachment mechanism is also not useable with a foam or straw kind wreath. The ornament equipment in accordance with claim 1 whereby the apparatus is removably attachable to a couple of sort of substrate and wherein the first base attachment mechanism is configured to connect the equipment to no less than one sort of substrate and the second base attachment mechanism is configured to attach the equipment to no less than one different type of substrate.

As a further different, decoration equipment 210 could comprise one or more clip pockets 239 and a number of arcuate pockets 249. These kinds of wreaths have added expense in making the wreath base specially designed to connect with the decorations, rather than permitting using standard, commercially out there wreath bases. They additionally frequently require the whole wreath base to be coated in decorations to cover the attachment mechanisms on the wreath. This adds to the consumer’s expense of purchasing the decorations and does not permit the consumer any flexibility in how to adorn the wreath base. For instance, some customers prefer a wreath that’s only partially lined (similar to ¼ or ½ lined) with decorations, leaving a number of the wreath visible from the front of the wreath.

Ti decoration system

This disposes decrease arm 122 between base 112 and decorative elements 126 to offer further security and to protect the attachment of clip 116 to base 112. This safety aids in preventing clip 116 from becoming inadvertently indifferent from base 112 due to wear on the glue or stitches or the like by way of repeated makes use of. Clip slots 128 are preferably positioned on alternating sides of base 112 to allow variation within the opening orientation of clips 116, as beforehand discussed with respect to clips 16.

In the two layer embodiment, it is preferred that upper layer 132 and bottom layer 112 be attached collectively substantially alongside their perimeters, excluding the realm of each wire slot 138 to allow a gap for the unused wires 124 in every wire set one hundred twenty five to be tucked into the wire slot 138 adjoining to the set. Additionally, it’s most well-liked the perimeter attachment between layers 132 and 112 be set back slightly from the outer perimeter edge. This allows additional room for any unused wires to rest between the layers within the longitudinal area between where the wires 124 are laterally connected to layer 112 and/or layer 132 and the entrance to the adjacent wire slot 138, additional hiding the unused wires from sight when ornament apparatus a hundred and ten is in use.

Wires, clips, magnets, suction cups, and straight pins may be used as base attachment mechanisms to accommodate a wide range of totally different wreath supplies and shapes. Unused wires may be tucked away from view and unused clips may be eliminated. Wires having different traits, such as color and gauge, could also be selectively used according to the actual wreath base and display situations. Clips may be selectively positionable at totally different angles to aid in secure attachment of the decoration equipment. Base layers are preferably colored to blend with the primary coloration of the ornamental elements, so that if any portion of the bottom materials is seen during use it’s going to blend with the ornamental parts and not stand out.

This takes up considerable room and the area in the middle of the wreath stack is generally unused and wasted. With separate wreath bases and ornament apparatuses according to the invention, storage space is minimized both because fewer wreath bases must be stored and the decoration apparatuses may be folded and stacked collectively utilizing the often wasted area within the heart of the wreath bases.