Confused How to Build a Dream House? Here are 10 tips!

 1. Choose a good location and position of the house

A good home location is related to the direction of the wind, the environment, and even some people pay attention to feng shui. The position of the house also affects the temperature inside the house. It would be very good if you got a house facing East, so you get good morning sun.

If the house is facing directly to the west, the exterior of the house needs to be circumvented by using secondary skin or adding panels. For example like in a house that uses sunscreen from synthetic rattan.

 2. Adjust the area of   the building and the number of floors to the needs

Single-story house designs are easier to design because the design elements of concern tend to be fewer. If you have a large land area, this type of house is very suitable, because it can maximize the area as much as possible. Don’t forget to present a garden so the house feels fresh. For young families, just choose the one-story house measuring 100 square meters with 2 bedrooms.

Two or even three-story houses are found in cluster housing. This type of house is suitable for small families because the function of the room can grow along with increasing family personnel.

 3. Adjust the budget with the ability

The cost of building a house varies greatly, depending on the contractor you choose. Different regions, different prices. Usually, the contractor will give a picture of the cost per square meter.

 However, these costs can change depending on the model of the house you choose. The more complex the design, the price will certainly follow. Choose a contractor wisely and be trusted.

 4. Look for the appropriate design reference

Looking for references on the internet is easy and widely found, especially through CASA Indonesia websites and magazines. But sometimes you have trouble finding what you need and want. For that, consult with your interior designer or architect. Because as experts, they can translate client needs in 3D and advise on the latest design trends.

5. Choose the color paint according to personality

Depending on the color used, the interior of the house can emit a variety of atmosphere. This affects the character or mood of the room as what residents want to present. Bright colors tend to give a broad impression on the room because it reflects light.

6. Present a garden or patio for air circulation

No matter how much land you have, as much as possible to provide a special area of   the park because the properties are quite a lot. discussing Architecture and Sustainability, whether we realize it or not, humans have an innate tendency to like nature. Edward O. Wilson in 1984 in his book: Biophilia, The Human Bond with Other Species, defines biophilia as an innate tendency to focus on life and life-like processes

The garden can provide fresh views for the eyes and good air for the home. Green plants can make the atmosphere of the room cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, but the presence of plants at home also improves air circulation. Having a garden or just a green pot is now a trend in a healthy lifestyle.

 7. Have an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home

 It is very common for people to use AC as an air conditioner, but too long usage is also not good for health, especially making skin dry. The fan is an alternative conditioning device with relatively small electricity consumption compared to air conditioning, although it cannot be used to reduce the temperature of the room.

If possible, design a high ceiling in the main area to help the air circulation in the house. Double height ceiling height usually ranges from 7 to 8 meters. This system can be used for one-story or more houses.

 8. Make the house a stress reliever

Although it has been coined since 1980, the term biophilic design began to be rife again discussed. Biophilic design is presented to restore human closeness to nature to reduce stress. You do this by entering ornamental plants in the house, give natural lighting with large windows and glass doors, and include natural materials for a comfortable atmosphere.

 9. Choose furniture and decorations that suit the area of   the house

Maximizing the area by choosing wise furniture can be an alternative to make room for air and light to enter the house. The less furniture that is placed, the room will feel more spacious. The choice of wood material and neutral colors on furniture and dry garden on the balcony can give a cool and airy impression in the simplicity of design. Choose according to your taste and make your home a reflection of your personality.

10. Presents a hobby room

Do you like to read books or play music, but your house is small? No problem! To inspire while working, provide a long sofa to read books in the corner of the window or under the stairs. Add a soft seat and pillow, and lamps with adequate lighting. Instantly the area under your stairs becomes a comfortable angle for me to time and read a book. The design of the sofa and the built-in shelf is very optimal for a small house and takes up space.