8 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Insects at Home

The most effective insects? Of course, there are so many ways you can do to repel insects from your home. And we have all summarized and divided into several tips that you can do the following!

Insects are one animal and are easily found in the surrounding environment. Generally, insects are known by various forms, namely winged, have many legs and so forth. Meanwhile, if explained in terms of form, people know the types of insects in the form of cockroaches, ants, bees, butterflies, and also beetles. But not too few types of small flying insects that can become pests in plants or also in the house.

What foods are consumed by insects? To answer it, you only need to pay attention to the types of shapes of the mouth. If according to what we quoted from Wikipedia, insect food is determined by poking, sucking, chewing and sniffing. And can also be categorized in types of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. But what we are discussing here is not the type of food of insects. But how can insects be eradicated and not enter the house?

1. Rearrange Trash Can

Cleanliness is one of the keys to achieve a healthy body and avoid disease. And from here it’s only proper if you always take care and pay attention to cleanliness in the surrounding environment, especially in the house. Do not let the trash scattered, immediately swept, collected, then put in a closed place. This is powerful enough to prevent the scent from releasing flies. In other words, you can prevent insects from entering the house.

2. Cleaning the house

Not only from rubbish, but you must also be diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of accessories such as curtains, mats, mosquito nets, and some types of clothing that you often wear every day. The presence of dirty clothes hanging can also be a place and nest for mosquitoes to breed. Clean your house from dirty clothes, especially those that are often used to touch the water. A damp cloth will give off a scent that is loved by insects.

3. Turn off the lights at night

The lights that turn on can be an attraction for flying insects to come. It’s good if you turn off lights that are not useful. Like the living room, room, kitchen and so on. It’s good to apply when you want to sleep at night. Meanwhile, to prevent these insects from entering the house is to turn on the lights on the page. That way the insect will only stop and come to the light that is on.

4. Maximizing Salt Function

Ingredients derived from herbs are fairly effective as a natural food preservative. The presence of high salt in a portion of food will also prevent flies from coming. It is not surprising that salted fish with high salt content will not be swarmed by flies. To use salt is very simple. You can apply this material to spray areas that are often visited by insects (rubbish bins, etc.), and can be used to mop the floor, wipe the table, etc. Of course, you have to dissolve the salt with water before applying it.

5. Utilizing Essential Oils

This oil is a natural aroma released by certain types of herbs and can be used uniquely to repel insects so that it can be used as a simple alternative. Ingredients that contain lots of essential oils include Betel leaves, lavender flowers, oranges (lemon, lime, etc.), garlic, lemongrass, celery, onion, and many others. It can be placed in locations where there are often insects so that the animals are not comfortable there.

6. Maximize Home Protection

This treatment is divided into many things that you can do. To carry out additional protection on the house (especially from insects). You can attach a wire mesh to any vent or hole that can be a way in and out of insects. Also, close the door when night has arrived so that insects that are active at night cannot enter the house.

7. Apply Chalk

Now there are many types of insect repellent lime products. Generally, it is to secure food from disruption of cockroaches, ants and other types of insects. Maybe this material does not apply to fly insects, but this can be overcome with other protectors such as a food hood on the dining table. You only need to write a border so it cannot be crossed by insects.

8. Using Insecticides

As the name suggests, this medicine also has various types of mosquito repellent spray. Arguably the easiest and does not require a long time to use. Simply spray, let stand and your room will be free from insects. But usually, insects will come again if the effects of these drugs have disappeared.